Are there negative items such as Bankruptcies, foreclosures, and liens that are impossible to remove?

There is no negative listing that has not been repaired and or removed from credit reports, thousands of times. Some are certainly more difficult and take longer but this has more to do with operational systems at the bureaus rather than the severity of the item. Through our process, Ranieri Law LLC has successfully removed all kinds of negative items you can imagine.

I have read that any person can dispute a credit report item why do I need you?

Disputing seems easy. Getting results is the tough part. The bureaus would much rather have you do it because often individuals will tire of the effort or use incorrect or frivolous language, or even reaffirm items. The reason to hire Ranieri Law LLC is that it is thorough and persistent. At these prices and twenty years of success, you can’t go wrong.

Can I file a 100 word statement on my credit report?

Absolutely, but creditors largely disregard consumer statements.

What if I went to consumer credit counseling? Will they repair my credit?

Most consumer credit counseling services are owned by or partnered with creditors and are in the business of getting you to pay off debt. They have nothing to do with the credit bureaus.

How hard is it to repair my own credit?

At Ranieri Law LLC, we usually tell people who ask this, how long do you want to delay the inevitable (hiring a law firm to do it). As I said before Ranieri Law LLC is dedicated and persistent with a proven success rate.

How do the bureaus answer the disputes of the negative items?

An interesting question. Sometimes the bureaus don’t answer at all. Sometimes they send a stall letter. Bureaus have also been known to send a letter trying to entice you to not use an outside agent to fix your credit. The most common answer or the one we are looking for is a new credit report issued showing changes. In any case you will need to send us anything you get and to call us if you get nothing. It’s also important for you not to have any contact with the bureaus while we are working for you.

What if one bureau repairs an item and another one does not?

Each bureau works independently. Ranieri Law LLC will continue to help you correct outdated, unverifiable or incorrect reports that still carries the item.

If you succeed in deleting negative items, won't they just come right back on?

While the bureaus have spread this myth, the law says if an item is not reported within 30 days of being deleted, it must remain off a report. However, if the item is sold to a collection agency, they, as a new creditor, could put the item back on in the future.

How long can a negative item remain on your report?

This issue has caused much confusion over the years. Almost every "expert" has an opinion on this issue. The law states that an item can remain for 7 years after last date of report before removal (10 years for certain banks). If you refer to law, it is in the Fair Credit Reporting Act 15 USC C section 605.

Is it legal to repair your credit and have items removed?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1971 and updated in 1997, gave consumers the right to have any item repaired or removed that was inaccurate, obsolete or UNVERIFIABLE.

If I declare bankruptcy can I restart with a clean slate?

Yes after 7 to 10 years or longer. If you are discharged from a bank, Ranieri Law LLC can help you but it usually takes longer than the 6 to 8 months. (10 to 12 months average)

What about these ads I have seen that say they can get me a hold new credit file started without any negatives showing?

These claims usually involve an illegal option or are scams that just rip you off. Getting an EIN (Employer Identification Number) can get you in a lot of trouble.

If I build enough good credit will it offset my bad credit?

Any bad credit is bad and will probably prevent you from building good credit at all.

What do I do if the bureaus fail to remove bona fide mistakes? Do I have any legal recourse?

Ranieri Law LLC has found that bonafide mistakes come off rather easily, but on occasion require legal action on your part. If that became necessary, Ranieri Law LLC can point you in the right direction.

How long do the bureaus have to respond to dispute?

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, it states they have a reasonable time period which has come to be interpreted as 30 to 40 calendar days.

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